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Andrée has trained directly with Dolores Cannon and is recognized as a
Master Level 3 dedicated practitioner within the Dolores Cannon
worldwide community.


As a certified practitioner she practices private sessions for:
Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique at her home office in Haverhill, MA.


Andrée also leads two monthly classes experience Past life Regression sessions in a group setting at Circles of Wisdom in Methuen, MA.

A monthly c
lass on Zoom on the 2nd Friday of the month and live- in the- classroom group class on the third Friday of the month.

See the Calendar page at: for more information.



Although Andrée was quite intuitive most of her life, and often received messages and important insights from childhood on, her 1995 car accident and near-death experience was pivotal.  Following the accident and subsequent out of body experiences, Andrée began to exhibit a connection to the other side, a knowing about our true nature and the natural order of things.

When she was introduced to this work she knew she found her calling as it brought her back into the presence of the Divine who she has missed since she was told she had to return to the earth plane.


It has become her intention to make certain that no life's mission be stilted nor obstructed.  She believes all will benefit if we can know and connect to their own individual calling.  She is also certain that once we know what we came here to accomplish, we will naturally step onto the path of our hearts’ greatest desire and fulfill our souls’ mission with compassion, love and contribution toward all humanity.

Andrée Cordella

QHHT Master Level 3 Dedicated Practitioner



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